White womena and asian american women resentment prejudice dating

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Hey Angry Asian Men, It’s JT Tran here and it’s time you and I had a heart to heart…One of the most frequently discussed topics on Asian American internet forums is the “Interracial Dating Disparity” within the Asian American community.

So much so that a percentage of the 9 million men Asian American men say they have felt discrimination’s ugly repercussions, including depression, anxiety, issues with self-worth and suicide.

At that age, you don’t question things, you just accept.

I carried forth with my days throwing raisins at the teacher and drawing cartoon characters on the desks.

Your "saddle" is to pawn off all detractors or complaints from Asian men as being "bitter" and "dateless." It’s typical but not surprising.

Six of Asian male friends complain about the situation for Asian men and how Asian women have pretty much shunned them from greener pastures.

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