Validating optical motion capture assessments of

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AMTI’s multi-axis force platforms and instrumented treadmills provide accurate, repeatable force data for many different sports science studies.

With the OPTIMA system, AMTI is revolutionizing multi-axis force measurement technology with a platform offering 10-fold accuracy improvement over any other platform in the market.

The technology is based on nine years of peer reviewed research.

Our technology uses advanced wearable sensors suitable for objective assessment of gait and mobility, measurement of response to rehabilitation and treatment and well as screening for falls risk, mobility impairment and frailty.

Building on the work of Galilei, Borelli (1608-1679) figured out the forces required for equilibrium in various joints of the human body well before Newton published the laws of motion.

He also determined the position of the human center of gravity, calculated and measured inspired and expired air volumes, and showed that inspiration is muscle-driven and expiration is due to tissue elasticity.

We hope in doing so that we provide some insights into how we leverage the benefits of gaming technologies but more importantly, how we integrate cutting edge computer-vision knowledge (grounded in empirical research) to provide a credible approach to markerless motion capture.

In the 20th century, many researchers and (biomedical) engineers contributed to an increasing knowledge of human kinematics and kinetics.

Capture is designed to integrate cutting-edge advances in motion-capture with injury monitoring.

Capture transforms athlete screening process to an interactive experience that athletes can complete with ease.

Motion Capture also known as Motion Tracking or ‘Mocap’ for short is basically 3D Animation.

It’s a process in which recordings of human movement are translated into a digital form by filming sensors on every pivot point on the actor/actresses body.

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