Updating bdp s350 online dating word widwe

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We downloaded and installed the BDP-S350 update on our review unit, and it worked smoothly.

(The S350 lacks internal memory, so you'll need to provide your own narrow USB drive--a remaining annoyance of the unit.) But testing the BD-Live content on Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story reinforced just how worthless the Profile 2.0 add-ons have been to date.

If you cannot connect the BDP-S350/S550/S5000ES to your Internet source, please use the Upgrade Disc method in the section below.The BDP-S350 also uses a new, virtually silent fan, and even the solder has been changed in an attempt to improve performance.Out of the box, the Sony is only Profile 1.1 enabled, so you'll have to carry out a firmware update over the internet using the player's Ethernet port.The BDP-S350 is radically different in this regard; it's about half as deep as every other Blu-ray player we've tested, coming in at 17 inches wide by 8.75 inches deep by 2.38 inches high.The front of the player is mostly covered by a blue-tinted, reflective faceplate, and there's an LCD screen on the right.

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