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We want everyone to be able to install Opsview, so we'll do our best to fix any issues and get your system up and running.Please check that the time is correct on the Opsview server, as an incorrect system time can cause session cookies to expire.You can 'tag' various objects within Opsview Monitor such as Hosts and Service Checks with a Hashtag '#superimportant', and then do things based on that Hashtag.These include only give users the ability to view objects in the UI that are tagged with #superimportant, only notify users for objects that have failed if they are tagged with #superimportant, and so on.Instead you can simply tag them with the relevant hashtags and they will appear within the user interface for those users once logged in.For example, tag the new Windows Server 2008 Hosts with #windowsservers, which will allow Windows Administrators to view them within Opsview Monitor.

A Hashtag in Opsview Monitor works very similar to Hashtags within well-known social media platforms such as Twitter © and Facebook ©.

While most actions are handled during the package installation, there maybe some pre-upgrade and post-upgrade steps that require manual intervention.

If you are using slaves and there is a risk that there may be a connectivity issue during the upgrade then you may encounter problems during the post-install script.

Aside from using Hashtags for notifications and access control, you can also use them for analytics.

For example, you can create hundreds of Hashtags in your Opsview Monitor system, but choose to only set 20 of them to be 'visible'.

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