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The sadness hidden in that died a long time ago, but writing it down feels more final. And yet, there I was, cracking apart piece by piece. Years that rang with your name or your voice or your ever-roaming fingers.

I was watching myself through smoke and mirrors, seeing the way I was wasting away but unashamed, unaware that some of that breakage would be irreparable. Handing them to you with open palms and question marks. Truthfully, there were pieces of my life I had to let go of. I found myself replaying messages, replaying scenes in my head that were better left in storage.

Love is caring for someone deeply and 100% unconditionally. It gives you a feeling of security, knowing you have someone to always count on.

It makes you believe in things you didn’t think existed.

We talked with the experts to dig into the question, “Why is committed sex actually the best sex of your life? And just like other things – practice can make perfect (and you and your spouse have been practicing quite a bit!

Maybe I will never regain what I lost in the years I lost to you. Men should lead; they’re the ones who should be in charge – the ones that take control in every situation and go after what they want. Women want to date spicy, assertive, intriguing men. Your apartment might not be the home you always imagined. A bad boy is enthusiastic about every part of his life.If we could see the real hidden cause, the magic would disappear.The magic of romantic love is based, I suggest, on hidden psychodynamic processes in us”.

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