Dating wheeler and wilson sewing machines

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Wilson's original form of the early-to-mid 1850s (Figures 1 and 2) soon evolved into a standard treadle machine which remained in production until the end of the firm's existence.

The classification of these 'curved needle' machines seems to have changed over the years.

After Nathaniel Wheeler's death in 1893, his son, Samuel II. r Other awards received were the Gold Medal of Honour of the American Institute, New York, in September 1873, the Gold Medal at Maryland Institute in October, and a Silver Medal (the highest premium for Stitching Leather at Georgia State Fair in November 1873, the judges of the various Agricultural shows in the United States have endorsed these favourable verdicts by conferring similar awards upon the company.

Wilson in 1849 made possible one of the world's greatest industries, and the sound administrative policy of Nathaniel Wheeler and his associates was responsible for the transformation of the industry from the modest confines of 1854 in Watertown, Connecticut, shown in the accompanying illustration, to the plant in Bridgeport, employing about 2,000 hands in 1905. Wilson first conceived the idea of a sewing machine while engaged in his trade as a journeyman cabinet maker at Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

After months of application he constructed the first practical sewing machine and obtained a patent November 12, 1850. The other general offices of the company were held for many years by Isaac Holden as vice-president, William H.

Two of those were considered the most ingenious and beautiful pieces of mechanism: the rotating hook and the four-motion feed.

He claims to have conceived the idea of a sewing machine in 1847.

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