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There were so many 45’s made that shops often had older stock in long after the pen was made.Some earlier US pens had a date code on the box indicating the year of manufacture.4: Colors – some colors were not made until after a specific date. The Clip Screw (or “Tassie) was changed in around 1970 from the simple conical to a dimpled version or a conical version.

Canadian-made single-jewel Vacumatics were produced into the 1950s, bearing a single-digit date code in a much larger font than that used for US production.Example 1 Looking at the pen we have a Parker 45 Coronet in Green complete with box and paper work.The pen has the older conical clip screw on the cap indicating pre-1970/, with an old wide style ink converter which would tie in with the pen being an older example of a 45.By contrast, the Vacumatic came in amazing laminated plastics, made up from sheets of alternating solid and pearlescent colors.Taking advantage of the new filler design, these pens were translucent, allowing you to see how much ink remained in the pen at any point (the ravages of time and ink exposure have made most surviving Vacs rather opaque, although you will still find lightly-used or new-old-stock examples with good transparency).

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