Dating a control freak women

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He was bipolar, and later on, I found out he lied about pretty much everything: He had a long-term girlfriend, and when he told me that he spent three months in a psych ward where I couldn’t see him, it turns out he was actually living with her. I pretty much never saw his house (he said he was living with his parents) or most of his world. The relationship eventually became abusive, to the point that I was scared for a very long time, stopped sleeping, and finally, swallowed a bottle of pills in front of him in a desperate and stupid attempt to make everything stop.

I moved far, far away, started fresh and created a great life, but it’s left me with a terrible, panicky feeling that all men are hiding something harmful.

It turns out, your perfect guy is a control freak who demands that everything is his way or the highway.I can feel myself bracing for the rug to inevitably be pulled out from underneath me.Since then, I’ve had a few relationships, none of which have really triggered any of this. With my last significant relationship, we hit things off right away.And if you don't agree they'll do everything in their power to sway you. Don't let him take away your emotional freedom, girl! It may seem endearing at first, 'Good morning' texts, calls before bed and constant contact to see if you're OK. Party weekends with the girlies have turned into movie nights in with the boyfriend. Seems thoughtful, but there's a fine line between sweetheart and freak. Just as spontaneity scares the sh*t out of him, NOT being in total control does, too.

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