Consolidating fafsa student loans

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Department of Education, including any PLUS Loans a student or parent may intend to borrow.In order for the Office of Financial Aid Services to certify your student loan for the academic year, you will need to complete Entrance Counseling as well as a new Master Promissory Note. Note: You will need the PIN used to sign your FAFSA to access your Federal Direct Loan account.By consolidating student loans, we help graduates get on with their lives without the burden of multiple payments.Fortunately, the government has created programs to assist people who live with high student loan debts and want to manage loans more effectively. At Academic Relief Center, our team of experts can help because we understand student aid.We’re experts at understanding every type of student loan program, and we may be able to lower your monthly payments by consolidating your student loans.If you borrowed alternative loans, you must contact your lender for information about your loan.

You can view the type of loan, amount borrowed, accumulated interest, lender and servicer information.

Yet as everyone knows, working with bureaucratic government agencies brings many complications.

Consolidating student loans requires people to complete countless government forms, and that takes a lot of time.

You are not required to demonstrate financial need to receive a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan.

Interest will accumulate on your loan throughout your time in school.

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