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With some computer motherboards it may be possible to restore the default BIOS settings using a jumper on the motherboard.Refer to the computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer manual to see if this is possible. This should not be confused with the reset CMOS jumper as it only resets your stored CMOS values stored in the CMOS battery and not the actual flash BIOS.

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If you're unable to reset your BIOS, or your motherboard does not have this jumper, contact the OEM or motherboard manufacturer for further suggestions.

Tried putting the bios on a usb drive and loading it up but the monitor never gets a signal I don't know what to do now can someone help or give some advice?

has gone smoothly, but some users are experiencing constant freezing, with either the entire system locking up or specific elements like the Taskbar not responding.

Flashed to latest BIOS version (version 2002), cord unplugged, CMOS reset without removing the battery. I did some research and my 350W PSU /w 23 amps on the 12v rail should be sufficient. With it 430Watts, 32A on 12v and an 80 PLUS Bronze certificate it should do the job easily.

One thing I can think of: I replaced the videocard (ATI HD5450) by a faster one (ATI HD7750). The following PSU is relatively cheap (about ) and has some great reviews: the Corsair CX430.

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